Tinno has 2 manufacturing plants in China with a cumulative investment of more than US $ 350 million, including world-class automation equipment, testing equipment, quality laboratories, 2G, 3G and 4G, and quasi-5G mobile phones, as well as IT systems and AGVs.

Tinno has nearly 100 engineers serving engineering and manufacturing. Among them, there is a professional team that can provide onsite and remote global support local customers to build CDK and SKD manufacturing capabilities from scratch. They have successively implemented in India, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, Algeria and Vietnam and many other countries, for brand new projects or transferred old projects. Their rich NPI experience has successfully helped local customers master the ability to directly produce and launch products in their countries.

Makes full use of company's IT management, through SAP, PLM, WMS, SRM, MES and other information systems for manufacturing collaboration, constantly promotes product yield and production efficiency, reduces inventory, quickly responds to market changes, achieves cost control,  production automation  and lean.

These two plants had passed audit from global Teir-1 operators: European VDF, Orange and US Sprint, AT&T, and have provided them with product manufacturing.

The 2nd manufacturing base of Tinno, JX Maxon, located in Nanchang High Tech Park, Jiangxi, with 36,000 M2 total construction area. Annual smart mobile phone capacity of 15 million units till 2019,  and 8 SMT and production lines will be requited to fulfill the incoming business including mobile handset and IoT device. 

Tinno will focus on developing Nanchang Maxon base, in 2020 will start the construction of new park of Maxon. 

GD Maxon, located in Heyuan, Guangdong, the 1st manufacturing base of Tinno, with 20 mobile phone production lines in 42,000 M2 construction area. Annual smart mobile phone capacity of  12 million units.