Chinese and Japanese Intellectual Property Rights Experts visit Tinno—the behavior of Shenzhen upgrading enterprises


On May 11th morning, the Chinese and Japanese intellectual property high-profile investigation group went to visit the headquarters of Tinno which is one of the enterprise representatives of industrial upgrading and located in OCT. Nanshan district of Shenzhen. Tinno Mobile Technology Corporation(referred as Tinno Mobile) ,a young innovative mobile communication products and services supplier, was founded in June 2005.It is focuses on the GSM double card double stay (patent),dual mode.3g and 4g mobile terminal development ,production and sales, aiming to provide individual, connotative and imaginative products and services to the global communications products consumers. Recently, Tinno exports its products to Asia, Europe, Latin American, Africa and so on, especially plays a full influence on France market .

At the same time, Tinno works as one of units of the Shenzhen New Nanfang South Intellectual Property Rights Institution,it is also representing most enterprises` urgent needs of the protection of intellectual property rights. As we know, the protection of intellectual property rights is vital in changing" made in China" to "crated in China". Nowadays, Tinno Mobile is upgrading its industry structure. Firstly, on the operating mode, Tinno decides to change from the traditional OEM owner to independent brand construction. Secondly, on the product structure, Tinno prefers to change from foundational phones to smart phones. Thirdly, on the risk control of intellectual property rights, Tinno wants to transform from OEM customers leading to independent intellectual property risk control. Last but not least, Tinno aims to change from focusing on patent market to focus on the global strategic of intellectual property rights. Thus, Tinno became the vital station of seminar experts` visiting plan and it expressed them well.

Recently, Tinno grasps the market opportunity and has advantage in enterprises` strategic of  intellectual property rights. After successfully launching double card double stay GSM phone(patent) in 2006, Tinno pays more attention to the female and fashion area. It makes good uses of its strong technology of phone appearance design and makes their products individual , practical  and recognizable.

Additionaly, the Chinese and Japanese experts gave a high recognition and constructive suggestions to Tinno`s innovative development in the intellectual property rights area. They preferred Tinno to copy the successful measures in Europe and became the leader in mobile phone area.

Recently, although the numbers of Chinese patents are growing fast, their overall quality as well as their patent structure is not reasonable. And their usage ability of intellectual property rights is weak ,too. They can`t make great efforts to economic growth. Luckly, experts found that Tinno was aware of the importance of intellectual property rights and elevated it through the work. They try to improve their innovation ability and the level of industrialization, they also continue to improve the status of intellectual property and truly change from the strategy of “quantity” to “quantity strategy, from “encouraged” to “encouraged to use”, from “indicators” to “strengthen the management”. Certainly, trying to play a role to enterprises` primary function to innovate and improve the intellectual property rights is good for improving their innovation ability and strengthening their comprehensive strength.