Tinno Award”2014 Annual Quality Career Contribution award”


On March 27th, the first session of the ninth 2015 Chunming Hui was held in FUtian district by Shenzhen Quality Association. There are more than 140 corporate quality manager ,chief quality officer gathered together to participate in this event, for example. Hangsheng Electronics, Shennan Circuits, Mindray and so on. The meeting was organized by Lirong—the CPPCC and the executive president of Quality Association.

What's more, conference has recommended Jingwen Guo to be the ninth president of the Board of Supervisors and awards him a certificate.

Then the conference honored a number of outstanding achievements enterprises, Tinno Mobile and other 29 companies won the “2014 Annual Quality Career Contribution award”.

Actually, Shenzhen Quality Association was founded in 1987 which recently consists 500 unit members from all economic areas, aiming to improve the whole industry quality level. At the end of the meeting, Hongxuan Yang, the npc member and the director of Shenzhen Hangsheng Electronic, read the proposal of “launching the Quality Development Fund of Shenzhen”. As it is known, the fund is the first Chinese quality public funds , aiming for quality propaganda, education, training and awarding to the institution and personal incentives, financing for social organizations` technical theories and the development of management innovation.