On November 21st, 2016, Maxon ushered in its first batch of guests, the Italian Telecom Operator TIM, for assessing the Maxon factory. It is the first time Maxon opened to the guests since its production expansion in October.

Vari, the quality manager from TIM ,and Stephen, the sales director from Wiko, introduced the audit requirements as well as Wiko`s status in Europe and future development direction at the opening meeting.

Matteo, the after-sales manager from Wiko, played as the translator in the past few days for two parties and the assessment went smoothly . Andy, the quality director from Maxon, also accompanied in the whole assessment process.

Uzzo, an expert from TIM, is very careful in work. He checked the CE terms of the user manual again and again, even the punctuations as well.

One of the most important mission was whether factory could replace TIM for RF transmission test. We spent nearly a whole afternoon to show the transmission demo to the guests. They checked each items and test values of machines seriously and left satisfactorily at 7pm.

On November 24th ,the four-day assessing ended smoothly and the guests felt satisfaction with the management of factory. 

On November 26th, TIM guests came to the head quarter of Tinno to open a summary meeting . They spoke highly of our Maxon factory and  we gained a high score 87.5 in this assessment . The customers also thought highly of our Maxon factory , especially  Taihe factory. 

This was the second time that we passed the assessment from TIM after we finished orange`s assessment. It shows that we have a cohesive and vigorous team and we also believe that we can gain more brilliant achievements in the future.