TINNO’s fast-growing 5G ecological chain: JAGUAR Wave pioneers in 5G millimeter wave


JAGUAR Wave——a subsidiary of TINNO Mobile Group (TINNO) is the first company in China to apply millimeter wave technology to consumer mobile products. As early as the World Mobile Congress (MWC) in Spain in early 2018, JAGUAR Wave had launched the world's first 5G millimeter wave ultra-high-speed mobile hotspot, and won the "Oscar" in the design industry—German Red Dot Award. Jaguar Wave is leading the way of applying 5G millimeter wave MiFi to commercial use.

With firm support from its parent company, TINNO, JAGUAR Wave has already started the Research and Development of 5G core technology - millimeter wave technology in 2016. Fully equipped with complete R & D, design, testing and production of millimeter wave products, JAGUAR Wave 's 5G millimeter wave laboratory is one of the few expert teams in China. It owns some of the world's top millimeter wave laboratory researching equipment worth of more than 20 million yuan.

In the future, there will be increasing demand for network transmission on the Internet, including block chain, video, storage, live broadcast and automatic driving. With the top R & D and manufacturing team, JAGUAR Wave will bring the pre-5G application to its users through more products and continue to be leader in building the ecosystem of 5G millimeter wave.