Capped in LiuXianDong Headquarters Base: TINNO Building built as 5G Intelligence Terminal R & D Headquarters


TINNO, a leading domestic Mobile Phone Intelligence Manufacturing Enterprise invested 1 billion in the construction of TINNO Building, which was capped on October 21 in one of the five headquarters bases in Shenzhen---LiuXianDong Headquarters Base. 

TINNO Building officially capped

The TINNO Building laid its foundation on October 24, 2017, and its construction started on November 5. It was capped in October 2019, making it one of the first batch of officially capped enterprise buildings in LiuXianDong Headquarters Base. The height of the building is 120 meters, 28 floors in total, with a total construction area of 85,000 square meters. Upon completion of the building, TINNO will use it as a 5G Intelligence Terminal R & D Headquarters, integrating comprehensive office, R & D and production, product display, conference roadshow, air garden for leisure and other multi-functional designs, to boost the development of Intelligent Communication Industry!

Being one of the top 500 manufacturing companies in China, TINNO makes more than 1 billion dollars for its average annual foreign exchange. TINNO has earned its name in China's Belt and Road Initiative manufacturing companies. In recent years, TINNO has been focusing on the layout within the 5G field, and has taken the lead in mastering the core technical advantages of 5G millimeter wave, becoming the industry leader. At the same time, TINNO has explored new markets this year, won a number of business biddings from various of U.S Operators, and is carrying out strategic cooperation with internationally renowned mobile phone brand manufacturers.

In the future, TINNO will continue to play to its advantages fully in the field of 5G intelligent terminal, unswervingly following the development route of scientific and technological innovation, and Greater Bay strategy, also, embracing the 5G era, and help the construction and development of Intelligent Terminal Ecology!