TINNO Mobile Group: Hard core prevention and controlling over the pandemic situation, helping to return to work and production safely


In the morning of February 17, in front of the office building of TINNO Mobile Group in Overseas Chinese Town Creative Park. The staff were waiting in a queue at more than 1 meter away from each other to receive a series of safety inspections, such as the access card verification, hands disinfection, temperature measurement, mask replacement, etc. Prior to that, the R & D centers or production bases of TINNO Mobile Group in Shanghai, Nanjing, Heyuan, Nanchang and other places had also succeeded in obtaining the approval of local relevant departments successively, and successfully realized the resumption of production.

Deng FeiBo, a member of the Standing Committee of Nanshan District Committee and the Executive Vice President of Nanshan District,Shenzhen City, led a team to inspect the anti-pandemic work of TINNO Mobile Group on the day of resumption of work, and gave high affirmation after seeing the various guaranteeing measures in place.

Jiangxi News reported on February 19 that Jiangxi Maxon, a subsidiary of TINNO Mobile Group, which had formally returned to work on February 10th to ensure the completion of the annual production tasks of the enterprise. The enterprise insisted on the prevention and control over the pandemic situation as well as the ensurance over safety production.

Accurate, staggered, orderly and controllable. In the current pandemic situation, TINNO Mobile Group uses practical actions to give a satisfactory response to both the resumption of production and pandemic prevention and control!

TINNO Mobile group Shenzhen office building site: classified management of employees and detailed measures of procedures to ensure safe and ordered work resumption.(Top right) Ultraviolet disinfection lamps are installed on each floor, and the floors are fully disinfected from 22:00 to 5:00 of the next day.

On the spot of Guangdong Maxon Industrial Park in Heyuan: (top right), "Strengthen Confidence and Work Together": on February 13, Ding Hong, the Secretary of Heyuan Municipal Party Committee and the Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, went to Guangdong Maxon to inspect and supervise the resumption of production and the enterprise’s control over the pandemic prevention work.(Bottom right) On the first day of resumption of work, Sun Feng, the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Heyuan High Tech Zone, and Liu DaRong, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and the Director of the Management Committee, went to Guangdong Maxon to check the resumption of work on the first day and helped to solve the current facing problems of the enterprise.

Jiangxi Maxon Nanchang science and Technology Park site: fully prepared for the resumption of work on February 10th, more than 30000 masks(two pieces per person per day) were prepared, so as to the firewall is always set up to protect everyone from the virus! (Center right) A special thanks to NanChang Hi Tech Investment Group for their care to the enterprise in the pandemic situation, and their generosity in providing anti-pandemic materials and supplies.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to be able to quickly respond to the pandemic prevention and control, and to make full preparation for the resumption of work and production after the festival, the company urgently established a pandemic management team led by the general manager to carry out the work from three aspects: employee information collection, anti-pandemic materials preparation and prevention and control over the work area. The health declaration procedure app which was specially designed by the our IT colleagues, collects the health and travel conditions of each employee every day to ensure that the "risk personnel" are isolated from the office area; emergency purchase of anti-pandemic materials such as masks through the global business network, providence of two complimentary medical face masks for each of our employees every day; organizing the thorough disinfection of public areas, workshops, staircases, elevators and other areas; carrying out strict pandemic-prevention inspection for employees entering and leaving the company; reasonably arrangement of transportation and catering from the perspective of our employees' safety; encouragement of driving or taxi travel to work, where the company will bear the cost of parking and taxi, so as to avoid interpersonal contact as much as possible; at the same time, making plans for abnormal situations to ensure employees' health and safety to the greatest extent.

At present, in the face of various difficulties in the resumption of work, TINNO people are united, overcoming the difficulties, and entering the resumption of work with full enthusiasm together! Doing our part in contributing to the rapid recovery of local economy!