Google and Tinno develop Android One products and reference program jointly


After investigation and evaluation, Google began to jointly develop with Tinno on the program of designing Android One high performance cost ratio mobile phones in April, 2004. Google Android One platform’s mainly feature is medium performance and low selling price. It could become as other Android company’s reference model, and it’s expected to complete the next 1 billion growth. On June,26, Google called its annual I/O developer conference in San Francisco, releasing the news about this new Android mobile phones program called Android One.

In this project, Tinno is in charge of ID, mechanical, hardware design and as well as the manufacture of this mobile phone product, and Google participates in the design and is responsible for global marketing and promotion. This product is going to launch on Indian market firstly on this September. As the first global designing cooperate company on Google’s platform project, Tinno really shows its product design ability  has been recognized by Google.