The 3rd“Honesty, Anti- corruption” Cooperation Specialized Conference between Tinno and its Supplier


In the afternoon of June, 6, 2014, Tinno hold the 3rd “Honesty, Anti- corruption” Cooperation Specialized Conference with our Suppliers in Shenzhen Novotel Bauhinia Hotel. In the meeting, 4 representatives from our suppliers and 3 employees from Tinno made speeches respectively, expressed their commitment to honesty, anti-corruption cooperation and their expectation to build up honesty, win-win, mutual trust relationship.

As Tinno’s employee, we firmly believe that “Honesty and Anti-corruption will achieve and cultivate our career better.”
Honesty and Anti-corruption is part of Chinese traditional virtues and also the mainstream of our nation.

Tinno’s Honesty and Anti-corruption construction in our suppliers’eyes. As one of Tinno’s supplier, in order to maintain our cooperation in a healthy and orderly way, prevent commercial bribery and other kinds of actions of breaking laws and regulations, we solemnly made the following commitment: During our cooperation with Tinno ,we should always strictly adhere to Tinno’s “Three Noes Principles” and related rules and regulations.

Finally, we hope our supplier will build long-term strategic cooperation relationship depends on their own ability and strength.
Please be honest and anti-corruption for your career development, family happiness, and healthy!